Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Michigan Weather, Konfabulator and some random links.

Thought I should write something a little more, I still have to finish making my own template for this blog. Nothing against the default Blogger templates, I just want to have my own look, ya'know. I honestly don't know if that sentence should be ended in a period or a question mark.

So this is life in Michigan. Right now it's 39 degrees outside. Two weeks ago it was about 80 and not so far into "summer." Go figure, at least it's never what you'd expect. And there's no snow.

Useless download link: Konfabulator. So you to can have all sorts of stuff littering your desktop. It's konfabulous. The downside is that after the trial period is over, an annoying little "buy me" box always sits in the corner of your desktop, but it's still cool. Guess the world just needs to switch to MAC OS 10.4 with dashboard... that'll fix everything.


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