Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pimp My Chicken

So, a couple days ago (actually, father's day-been a while since my last post) we tried beer can chicken for the first time. Everything worked pretty well, but from my experience I can offer the following advice:

1) Use skewers or something you can stick through the chicken to keep it upright.
2) Use a beer you don't mind using (can also be pop or something as long as you don't mind root beer flavored chicken.) But, I ended up using snooty beer so it was a little more expensive.
3) Be patient. I turned up the flammage a little too high a little too early so I scorched Mr. Chicken on his extremities. He was still yummy, and the breast part was nice and juicy from the beer.
4) A smaller can would work better cans weren't designed to fit in a chicken, I was thinking about trying a can from one of those slimmer energy drinks like Red Bull or Pimp Juice.

You can get more detail here from Food Network. Or here for a more unique look at beer can chicken.

EDIT: Gotta apologize for the picture - it looks better after it's cooked.


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